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It’s the Season to be in Business

November 30, 2010 Pearl 0

This month has been good to my online business. Christmas season is really good for business because people are more generous in giving gifts to their friends and loved ones. We have prepared for this season by doing the marketing for my online store as early as September. Although I have this business for quite some time already, I really haven’t done much promotion and marketing so, it has not been doing good. But when I became aggressive in promoting it, and I even set-up a Facebook page for it, inquiries and eventually orders started pouring in.  Since it’s the Read More

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One for the Bucket List

November 28, 2010 Pearl 2

One of our future plans is to bring our kids to Florida Disneyland. Yes, I know, we haven’t been to Hongkong Disneyland, and yet, here I am, planning to bring them to Florida. Oh well, there’s no harm in dreaming, right? Of course, it would take a lot of planning before we can make this dream a reality, most specifically, financial planning. We need to do a lot of belt tightening, really! I think by the time that it becomes a reality, my kids would be grown-ups already. If money is not an issue, I would love to travel to Read More

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A Lucrative Business

November 26, 2010 Pearl 0

Usually, at this time of the year, my husband is busy with his small business of corporate giveaways from which we earn extra income. He is not really marketing it that much, in fact, he only has two regular clients that he concentrates on, but it helps a lot in easing our holiday expenses. Last October, we began scouting for new products to offer his regular clients, and to other possible new clients. We found several new items, like, memo holder, badge lanyards, flash lights, pouch bags, and plastic bottles. We concentrated on products which will definitely be useful for Read More

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My Family’s Christmas Tree

November 23, 2010 Pearl 5

This Christmas tree has been with my family for 18 years now, even 1 year older than my son.  A friend kindly bought it for us in Duty Free Philippines, and she even brought it to my house, so sweet of her. Now, although this tree has a sentimental value for us, we felt the need to replace it with a new one because it’s beginning to look a bit worn out already, and it cannot stand firmly anymore because we’ve lost some of the locks that hold it to its frame.  So, last weekend, when we went to Divisoria, Read More

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Treasures to be Kept

November 21, 2010 Pearl 0

It’s always heartwarming to see old friends. Just recently, I have had friends who visited the Philippines for a vacation. Although we have been apart for years, we have kept in touch, and thanks to Facebook, we were able to share family photos more often. They were here for just a short period of time, one month to be exact, but they have prepared for it at least a year prior to their visit. They knew that their visit will be in time for the rainy season that was why they armed themselves with a visitors health insurance just for Read More

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