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Bonding with Hubby

October 28, 2010 Pearl 1

  Our  Hongkong trip last month was such a nice bonding experience for me and my husband.  We have the same adventurous trait within us, that’s why every time we go on vacation, it’s always fun to explore the place together.  We love going on out of town trips, and we usually do this during our wedding anniversary. It’s our way of spending time together, away from the kids and from the everyday household worries.  We both believe that all married couples need to have a regular get-away, because this is one way of strengthening their relationship.  I still have Read More

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Joshua in the Holy Land

October 21, 2010 Pearl 2

I’m so happy because I found another book in the Joshua series that I’m trying to collect.  From the reviews that I’ve read, the Joshua in the Holy Land is the best among the other Joshua books, and true enough, it was really a very nice book.  The reader will get caught up in the vivid description by the author of how Joshua remembered the Holy Land centuries ago when he was first born in Bethlehem as Jesus.  The author was very good in injecting various stories from the old and new testament into the novel.  As in the other Read More

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Been So Busy

October 20, 2010 Pearl 1

Sorry to those who regularly drop by my blog.  I haven’t updated this for the last two weeks, since I’ve been busy with my Multiply site. I promise to post my updates in the next few days.

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Dreams of Becoming a Doctor

October 4, 2010 Pearl 2

My son dreams of becoming a doctor.  From the time when he was still in preschool, it has always been his answer whenever he was asked what he wants to be when he grows up.  So,  prior to going to college, we researched for the best pre-med course, and we found out that Medical Technology is one of the best courses to take if  he wants to  pursue a medical course.  It is also a stand-alone course because it can also be a career in itself just in case he changes his mind in the future.   We fully support him, Read More

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Top EC Droppers for September

October 4, 2010 Pearl 4

I’d like to say thank you to those who consistently drop ECs on my blog.  As always, I’m giving free adspace for one month to my top 3 EC droppers. elai’s haven elai’s precious angels Story Of A Woman Online Mommy’s Corner My Life’s A-musings JiMz Freebies I am Harriet the way I see it

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