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How Do You Express Your Love to Your Children?

July 30, 2010 Pearl 0

How do you meet your child’s need for love?  One way is to discover his favorite expression of love.  All parents should learn this because this will help him to be more confident as he grows up. Physical touch is the most powerful communicator of love.  A kiss, a hug, or holding hands can go a long way in getting your message across to your loved ones. Give each child your undivided attention, spending time alone with each. Do meaningful activities that don’t necessarily require a lot of money or elaborate planning.  It can be as simple as going to Read More

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Inspiring Thoughts to Ponder On: For All Parents

July 29, 2010 Pearl 0

Parents who can expect to be disgraced by their children when they grow up: Parents who can’t say NO to their children. Those who lie for their children. Those who laugh — when their children do wrong, act smart, use “grown up” slang and bad language — and think it’s cute. Those who stick up for their children when they do wrong. Those who think their children won’t do anything wrong, because they can “trust” their children.

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Are You Your Child’s Bestfriend?

July 28, 2010 Pearl 0

Children define friendship differently at various stages of their lives. During preschool years, a friend is someone who likes her, or spends a lot of time playing with her, or shares her toys.  When she gets a little bit older, kindness becomes the basis for friendship. These involve acts of kindness that mean a person can be counted on to support the other.  When she becomes adolescent, friendship takes on greater depth.  Friends at this time are viewed as important in relieving psychological distresses such as loneliness, sadness and fear. Warm, supportive friendships enhance the development of children.  When a Read More

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Being an Effective Working Mom

July 27, 2010 Pearl 4

Now that school’s back, it’s really very difficult to manage my time. It’s during school days that I feel the downside of working 2 hours away from home.  The traffic is really terrible, and the time that could have spent with the kids are spent instead on the road.  Two of my kids are in College and High School,  but I still have to monitor my youngest daughter in her school works, and there are times when she’s already asleep when my husband and I arrive at home.  Most of the time she falls asleep on the sofa while waiting Read More

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Inspiring Thoughts to Ponder On: The Need to Refocus our Lives

July 25, 2010 Pearl 0

Most of us might — at some point in our lives — feel the need to refocus our lives. The reasons might be varied, but it will still boil down to one ultimate goal, that is, to try to give direction to our lives.  We might feel that our lives are fine, our family life is going stronger each day or our career is on the right track, but there will be times when we feel something is missing, and that we are missing out on something that is beyond our comprehension.  As we try to analyze our life, we Read More

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