I Love Walnut Pie!

Last Thursday, my friend Marie and I had lunch in our Executive Dining Room. I just wanted to have a break from the monotony of food in our cafeteria — actually, that’s just my opinion, the fact is, as compared with cafeteria in other offices, ours is one of the best, with lots of choices, from fruits to vegetarian to pasta to salad to Thai to Japanese, and a lot more, it’s just that sometimes it’s a much better experience eating in our EDR, better ambiance, fine dining, gourmet food – though a bit more expensive, of course.

There’s even a pianist that entertains us while eating. But there are times when her music is not soothing to the ears, so we sometimes ask for a table which is far from her. But still, having a live background music makes our dining experience a little bit more special.

There’s always bread and butter while waiting for our order to arrive. There’s even a running joke among us that we could just order soup and then take advantage of the free bread — we have satisfied our hunger — and then we can pay for the soup and leave. But of course, when you’re there, and you’ve seen the menu, you’ll be tempted to order more. The soup that I ordered was Corn Crabmeat soup. It was rich and creamy, and goes well with the bread, and after consuming it, I almost felt full, and would have wanted to go straight to the dessert.

For the main meal, I ordered Ebi Tendon. I would have preferred Shrimp Tempura, but it’s a bit more expensive so I just settled for this, anyway, it almost tasted the same.

Marie ordered Caesarette Salad, a smaller version of the Caesar Salad. It looks so boring, with not much color, but she was satisfied and was okay with it.

This is the best part of every meal — Dessert! I love this Walnut Pie, so yummy and delicious. Actually, I didn’t eat it in the EDR, I asked the waiter to wrap it and shared it with my husband, and he simply loved it. So, next time I will order 3 slices, one for me and the other 2 for the kids and the hubby.

Marie said next month we’ll go there for the Filipino Buffet. Our motivation? To take photos and blog about it!


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