A Pretty Cardboard Vase

This is Faye’s school project. It’s a vase made of cardboard and covered with brown paper. I even scolded her for doing it at the last minute which caused us to sleep late just to help her finish it. Actually, she had assembled it already but the bottom was not flat and it was leaning on one side.

We didn’t realize that it wasn’t easy, Earvin had to disassemble it again because the sides did not fit the bottom part, and when he taped the lower parts together, the upper parts didn’t fit anymore. So, in the end, it was still Faye’s technique of sticking each part together one by one which eventually finished it. The next problem was how to cover the entire vase. Again, it was Faye’s idea to individually cut the paper according to the shape of each side. Finally, it was finished at 11:15pm, complete with Kuya Earvin’s designs.

This morning Faye said she got a perfect score for this vase. I said half of it should be Kuya’s grades because he was the one who made the designs.


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