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Creamy Carrot Soup

March 31, 2010 Pearl 0

Last Saturday, I made some carrot soup at home. It’s actually very seldom that I get involved in the kitchen, it’s just not my talent to come up with fantastic dishes for the family. But sometimes, I can also whip up a dish — with the help of a recipe, of course. This time, I searched my Del Monte Kitchenomics Cookbook, and I found the recipe for Creamy Carrot soup. It’s very easy to prepare and anybody can do it. Creamy Carrot Soup 2 tbsp margarine1 beef bouillon cube5 tbsp flour1 can evaporated milk2 medium carrots1 can Del Monte Tomato Read More

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Water Therapy

March 30, 2010 Pearl 0

How much water do you really need? Water plays a big role in our physical health. It keeps us hydrated and gets rid of metabolic substances and waste byproducts from certain processes in our body. According to some research, there’s a way to compute how much fluid we need, which is not limited to water. Our maintenance requirement also include juice and milk. This is called the Holiday Ciger method. This system says that for every kilocalorie of energy that we expend, we need one milliliter or one cubic centimeter of fluid replacement. It’s a one-to-one replacement. For infants, milk Read More

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I Love Walnut Pie!

March 27, 2010 Pearl 0

Last Thursday, my friend Marie and I had lunch in our Executive Dining Room. I just wanted to have a break from the monotony of food in our cafeteria — actually, that’s just my opinion, the fact is, as compared with cafeteria in other offices, ours is one of the best, with lots of choices, from fruits to vegetarian to pasta to salad to Thai to Japanese, and a lot more, it’s just that sometimes it’s a much better experience eating in our EDR, better ambiance, fine dining, gourmet food – though a bit more expensive, of course. There’s even Read More

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Capturing Sunrise

March 23, 2010 Pearl 0

We were on our way to Batangas two weeks ago when I had the urge to get my camera and took this shot. I think it was just right timing that I captured it with the tree in the foreground. But still, with or without the tree, it is still a magnificent view of the sunrise, and our first glimpse of God’s blessings as the day unfolds before our eyes.

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A Pretty Cardboard Vase

March 18, 2010 Pearl 1

This is Faye’s school project. It’s a vase made of cardboard and covered with brown paper. I even scolded her for doing it at the last minute which caused us to sleep late just to help her finish it. Actually, she had assembled it already but the bottom was not flat and it was leaning on one side. We didn’t realize that it wasn’t easy, Earvin had to disassemble it again because the sides did not fit the bottom part, and when he taped the lower parts together, the upper parts didn’t fit anymore. So, in the end, it was Read More

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