My Daughter’s Prom

May daughter had her Junior-Senior Promenade last 4 February in Fernbrook Gardens in Alabang. It was a very nice place, perfect for weddings and debut; it satisfied the “shutter-happy-me” — It was perfect for photo shoots, and when we arrived, I really got excited because I saw lots of opportunities for photos 🙂 Luckily, my daughter was very cooperative, she indulged her “photographer-wannabe-mom”. The exact opposite of my son whose graduation ball pictures, I still have yet to see — been asking him for ages to get copies from his classmates —- because he didn’t want me to take his photos 🙁

A mother would think that when the time comes, she’ll be ready to see her daughter all-dressed up like a real lady — or a princess wearing long gown, for that matter. But I don’t think I was. At first I think I was downplaying everything; the Prom Night didn’t sink in until the day before — but then, I guess I was just in denial that she was indeed growing up so fast.

Not much preparations were made — but I believe she emerged beautifully, although still a bit shy and awkward, but she managed to walk with grace (but not literally, because I knew that after a few hours, she had difficulty walking — what with the high-heeled shoes that I bought for her!).

When I drove Izah to the venue and I saw the place, I was mesmerized and immediately thought that she must celebrate her 18th birthday there. That’s my dream right now — but I think it will remain that way because I learned that the rental of the place is very expensive!

Although the parents and guardians were only allowed until the time the participants entered the venue, I had witnessed so much to be able to say that the
affair was well-organized, and that the organizers did a great job. But I always credit her school for coming up with well-organized event, be it recognition day, graduation, or first communion.

When her Dad and I picked her up, she wasn’t still ready to leave yet — as with all the rest of them. The parents were wondering how could they all spend the night together and still didn’t want to go home even if it was past midnight already? Well, teenagers! They simply couldn’t get enough of each other’s company! And Izah was still all too ready for more photo shoots, as if she didn’t get tired. It was only when she was in the car that she felt the urge to sleep. That was when we knew she really enjoyed herself.


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