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The Aftermath and Thanksgiving

September 29, 2009 Pearl 5

The devastation caused by typhoon Ondoy last weekend was something that will be recorded in history as the worst flood in the Philippines in 50 years. It was unimaginable and so unexpected. A great number of people who experienced flash floods for the first time in their lives and those who survived were one in saying that it felt like the end of the world. We were doubly thankful that my family was spared from the typhoon’s fury because my husband and I were out of town when it happened, our kids were left at home with my parents. Let’s Read More

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Personalized Holiday Cards

September 19, 2009 Pearl 0

It’s never too early to get your holiday cards. With the Christmas season fast approaching, it’s time to grab your personalized Christmas cards that you can send to your family and friends. Despite the advent of e-cards, I still believe that there is no better way of sending greetings to our loved ones than the traditional cards with our very own handwritten notes. I would also appreciate receiving those kinds of cards from my loved ones, so, I am sure they will also feel the same. How can we make it more personal? By putting our photos on them of Read More

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My Handmade Christmas Tags

September 12, 2009 Pearl 2

I’ve been busy these past few weeks with my new venture, Handmade Cards. And since Christmas is just around the corner, I’m concentrating on Christmas Tags. I’ve introduced it to my friends and officemates already and I got positive response, and pre-orders. Hopefully, i’ll be able to go into Christmas bazaars. Actually I got inquiries already from those who saw my ads in various websites, so, I’m just waiting for them to materialize. My samples are also available in my Multiply Site.

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Home Care Source of Texas

September 12, 2009 Pearl 0

I’m sure most of us will still frown at the idea of sending our love ones to nursing homes or other retirement facilities. It’s still not acceptable in some parts of the world, although sometimes, for various reasons, some people have no option but to look for somebody to take care of their love ones, especially if they themselves are not available to care for them. In these situations, the best solution would be to look for people who can do this for you, and yet, you’re still assured that your parents or grandparents are still loved and cared for Read More

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Capital for your Business

September 6, 2009 Pearl 0

Having my own business is my long-time dream, and right now, I’m simply into doing small business that I can manage even while still having a full-time work. I have big dreams and of course, with it, comes the needed working capital which as well know is very important if you are considering the idea of setting up your own business. In getting a company to finance your business, you need to do your homework, because not all financial institutions offer good services. A good track record is very important, and it’s one of the things that you should consider. Read More

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