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Working moms like me sometimes find it difficult to monitor their kids’ performance in school. My youngest is in 4th grade and I still check her books and assignments everytime I came home from the office. And although my other daughter is in 3rd year high school already, I still check on her once in a while just so she knows that I am monitoring her school activities. But sometimes, it’s difficult to do this especially when I’m tired or when I’m late in coming home, and it’s also difficult to do tutoring over the phone.

It’s just good to know that there are home tutoring services being offered that could really help working mothers. Although there’s still no better teacher than mothers as other people might say, we sometimes have to leave it to the experts when it comes to some subjects which we must admit we have limited of knowledge about. A website which offers this service is the Club Z Tutoring, and they don’t just offer tutorial services for the three R’s, they also have the SAT Test Preparation which really helps in preparing kids for college. Availing of this kind of service is a must especially if your kids are in High School, just like what I did before my son entered College this year. It was a big help to him, mentally and psychologically.


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