How to Travel with Kids in Peace

My family loves road trips. And of course, doing this with kids at the back of the car can sometimes take its toll on us. So, how do we keep sane? How do we make sure that we have a stress-free driving experience?

(1) We make sure that they are clothed comfortably, especially during long drives. Cotton shirts and shorts are best. I bring at least one extra change of clothes for every two to three hours of travel.

(2) We make sure that everybody does their bathroom duties before leaving the house. This will ensure unwanted discomfort and delay while on the road.

(3) Comfort food on a trip is still one of the best ways to make them fall asleep during the trip, so, we always bring lots of food to eat along the way. But I also make sure that these are drip-free and easy to eat. I always go for food that last until we reach our destination, I don’t bring food that needs refrigeration.

(4) When my kids were younger, I always pack toys for them, and I also include new ones to keep them occupied. I also ask them to bring at least 3 of their favorite books to read.

(5) We always have small throw pillows for aching backs and sleepy heads.

(6) Of course, I always remember to bring first-aid kit for minor cuts and bruises. The article on Travel First Aid is really very useful.

These really help us and although bickering couldn’t be avoided once in a while, we just consider it as part of our family bonding.


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  1. Hi Pearl! Welcome to CC3@mbc. Your membership has been approved and is no longer pending. Great blog post. I have a bunch of kids and long car trips are a challenge.

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