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Constructive Ways to Express Your Anger

June 30, 2009 Pearl 4

We all experience it. Whether we’re angry with our boss, our friend, our spouse or our kids. Sometimes, things get out of hand when we can’t control our anger. We tend to say things that we regret later when our emotions have toned down. Another bad news is: it’s bad for our heart. I did some research and was able to get some tips on how to express our anger in various constructive ways: Take a beat. If you’re furious with your boss, call a good friend and blow off steam — or have an imaginary conversation in your mind Read More

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How do you help your kids with their homework?

June 27, 2009 Pearl 3

Being a working mom, it’s difficult to maximize the time that I spend with my kids when it comes to assisting them whenever they have homework. It’s not easy because most of the times it takes a 2-hour drive to get home from work, and by then, sometimes my daughter is already asleep, or is about to sleep. Since my two other kids are already in College and High School, I only have to monitor their school activities, and make sure that they are not behind their lessons or projects that they need to submit. How can we help our Read More

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How to Travel with Kids in Peace

June 26, 2009 Pearl 4

My family loves road trips. And of course, doing this with kids at the back of the car can sometimes take its toll on us. So, how do we keep sane? How do we make sure that we have a stress-free driving experience? (1) We make sure that they are clothed comfortably, especially during long drives. Cotton shirts and shorts are best. I bring at least one extra change of clothes for every two to three hours of travel. (2) We make sure that everybody does their bathroom duties before leaving the house. This will ensure unwanted discomfort and delay Read More

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Tutorial Services

June 25, 2009 Pearl 1

Working moms like me sometimes find it difficult to monitor their kids’ performance in school. My youngest is in 4th grade and I still check her books and assignments everytime I came home from the office. And although my other daughter is in 3rd year high school already, I still check on her once in a while just so she knows that I am monitoring her school activities. But sometimes, it’s difficult to do this especially when I’m tired or when I’m late in coming home, and it’s also difficult to do tutoring over the phone. It’s just good to Read More

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Flu Fashion Respirator Masks

June 23, 2009 Pearl 1

Would you believe? There are now designer fashion masks with fabric covers being sold online. It’s just simply amazing how entrepreneurs can come up with ideas that they know people will grab at the right time. Although the Department of Health had cautioned people about wearing masks even though they are not afflicted with the swine flu, I can still see a lot of people wearing masks in the Mall and in public transportation. And if they cannot be prevented from wearing such masks, maybe they should just try ordering some of these fashionable masks that can even go with Read More

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