Homemade Hair Conditioner

With the ever-increasing cost of our everyday needs, we should start finding ways on how to save money. Little adjustments on little things around the house will have a very big impact in the long run on our household budget. One item which puts quite a dent in my budget is the hair conditioner that I buy every month. It doesn’t help that my youngest daughter has a very long hair — and she has no plans of having it cut in the very near future! Her hair requires a lot of conditioner otherwise I will have an endless battle with her because it will be really difficult to comb her hair with all those tangles, and then I will remind her again that she should have her hair cut, and of course, she wouldn’t agree, and it will go on and on.

A bottle of hair conditioner can cost a fortune, so why not try homemade hair conditioners? These will help a bit, and may make our hair look even better, although they may not also be easy on the pocket because mayonnaise are also expensive. Another drawback is I doubt if my daughter will let me put vinegar on her hair!

But for us, mommies, we can give this a try and please let mo know what happened at your end.


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