Don’t Forget to dream

Life may not be easy, but we still need to dream. We should not lose the faith that everything is given to us for a reason. God will never forsake us no matter what. I have seen this happen in my family, and really, although we have encountered so many trials, He has never forsaken us.

I have stood my ground and lived my faith by remembering that all these things are temporary. In God’s time, everything will heal itself, everything will be alright. Most of all…

– i live in awe of the beauty of the things around me, the nature, the people.
– i hold precious in my heart my family and friends.
– i love the work that I do each day, whether it be in the office, at home, or in our church community.

I think the most important thing that we should remember is, when facing life, we should all be spontaneous — with the inquisitiveness of a child — and let those positive inner thoughts be a beacon to inspire others.

We have all been born in this world for a special reason. As we proceed through the years, it is like unraveling a mystery story to discover who we really are.

Each of us is the author of our unique mission here on earth.

Don’t forget to dream!


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