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Let’s all hug our kids

February 26, 2009 Pearl 2

Last weekend, my hubby and I had the opportunity to attend a retreat in Tagaytay. It was very refreshing and we really learned a lot from the speakers. I missed the first talk because I had to attend Faye’s activity in school; my hubby just went ahead with the rest of our group, and Faye and I just went to Tagaytay after lunch. The first talk, I was told, was very striking and relevant to everybody who attended the retreat. The second talk was just as relevant and when the speaker shared about his experience with his son, not a Read More

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thank you for the support

February 18, 2009 Pearl 2

Faye won in the 3rd Quarter Battle of the Brains for Spelling, so she made it to the Championship round, where the winners from the 1st to 3rd Quarter will compete. The Championship Round was held last week and she was so nervous, but I told her that it’s OK if she didn’t win and that she shouldn’t cry, because it just means that it’s not yet her time to win, what’s important is she did her best. So, the D day came, but after convincing her that everything will be alright and that that it wouldn’t matter whether she Read More

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Yoga, Anyone?

February 16, 2009 Pearl 0

It’s that time of the year again in my office, when most of the people are very eager to join all the Clubs that are available. Why? To start-off the top New Year’s Resolution in anybody’s list, yeah, you guessed it right! To lose weight! I’ve been planning to join our Fitness Club, but due to my heart problems, I was very hesitant and scared to even try the treadmill again. But after the clearance from my doctor, I decided to give it a try. But I didn’t want to have strenuous exercises at once, so, I joined the Yoga Read More

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One Proud Mommy

February 10, 2009 Pearl 1

The Cheering Competition in my son’s school is a much-awaited event every year, and parents usually take time to watch and cheer for their kids. This year’s schedule coincided with my son’s 16th birthday.It was a competition among the High School students, from Freshmen to Seniors, and they really spend time and effort in making sure that that they will have a great performance. My son’s batch (Seniors) placed second, the Juniors got the first place. Although they didn‘t win in the Cheering competition, they were still very happy because they got the Overall Championship for the Intrams. I think Read More

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Battle of the Brains

February 6, 2009 Pearl 1

Faye was once again a candidate for the Battle of the Brains (Spelling) in her school for the 3rd Quarter. (Sorry the photo here is not so clear). Last year she made it to the Championship Round (please read my previous entry on this). For this year, she made it again to the Championship Round! Hurray! because she won the Quarterly Round last week. I had to be late in going to work on that day so that I can watch and support her, but it was all worth it. There’s a problem with Spelling Contests that I noticed — Read More

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