Horrible Traffic!

Last night, traffic was really horrible because of the celebration of the Chinese New year combined with the procession for the Santo Nino fiesta.

We went to the Rizal Memorial because Earvin had to practice for his swimming competition on Friday for his school’s intrams. After that, we had to go to my in-laws’ place. This was when we started to encounter the traffic. We had no choice but to pass through Binondo, where the people were of course very busy preparing for the New Year. We even stopped by Eng Bee Tin because I was craving for Tikoy since last week, I bought two boxes, one white and one red. People were all busy and there were lots of fruit vendors on the sidewalk, but traffic was still tolerable.

Going home was another story. The normal travel time of 45 minutes from my in-laws’ place to our place became 2 hours. And it was because they closed the Roxas Boulevard to give way to the procession (i think). We had to suffer lots of re-routing before we reached our destination, so, in the end, we arrived home at 10:00pm, with the kids all sleeping at the back — oh, except Earvin — he never fails to entertain us with his stories whenever we were stuck in traffic.


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