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I got the scare of my life!

September 27, 2008 Pearl 2

We attended a seminar this morning in the Washington Building at Marina Bay in Coastal Road. The seminar was in 22nd floor and it started at around 9:30am. It went well, and we were all engrossed in listening to the speaker when suddenly, at around 11:00am, we felt like our seats were moving. At first, my husband thought he was getting dizzy due to hunger (we still haven’t eaten our breakfast because we had to rush to this seminar). Then I told him, “It’s an earthquake!” And everybody else felt it too. We kept on looking outside the window to Read More

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My Kids’ Names

September 25, 2008 Pearl 1

Mommy Ruby gave me a tag about the history of the names of our babies. Thanks Mommy Ruby, I enjoyed doing this tag… —START TAG— Our kids have two names each, and we got them from the initials of our first names, E & F. That was the first thing that our kids’ names have in common. The next thing is that their names are somehow interconnected with each other. To illustrate: Our Son: Earvin Francis Our Daughter: Eliza Francesca Our Daughter: Elizabeth Faye I’m not sure if you’ve noticed that Francis is connected to Francesca, and Eliza is connected Read More

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Inspiring Thoughts to Ponder On: Being Grateful

September 24, 2008 Pearl 1

It’s the middle of the week, and it’s during this time when I sometimes feel exhausted with work in the office, and also the time when I’m anticipating the coming weekend to spend with my family. So now, I thought to myself, how can I make this day more meaningful enough to last until Friday in time for the weekend with my family? Here’s what I have decided, starting this week, and every Wednesdays thereafter, I will post any inspirational messages and random thoughts that come to my mind that have helped me in my journey as a Mom and Read More

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No Rice Diet

September 22, 2008 Pearl 2

I really have to lose weight. Every time I visit my cardiologist, he always reminds me that, especially when I had an elevated blood pressure last February. It was at that time that I really got serious by eliminating rice from my diet, and yes, it worked! I lost a few pounds then by just eating salad and fruits during lunchtime, good thing that our cafeteria in the office has lots of choices, which is what my husband keeps on telling me, he always say that it’s really easy to go on a diet in my office because of the Read More

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Win it Wednesday!

September 22, 2008 Pearl 1

I’m trying my luck here! I’m joining a simple contest in Youth Ministry Ideas for a chance to win $15 to my Paypal account. The contest will run until September 24 and the winner will be announced one week after. It’s an easy contest because the only requirements are to leave a comment in the post and to blog about it. So there, hopefully, I win!

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