The Ultimate Mommy Blog List

I was doing my usual rounds of different blogs when I came across the article by Guy Kawasaki, The Ultimate Mommy Blog List, in his website. Boy, am I glad I came across his list! He even provided brief descriptions for each site which is really helpful if you just want to scan the list first.

Mommies out there will also appreciate the note that he put in his post: Note: There is a contingent of readers of my blog who do not like when I write about blogs/blogging/bloggers. I’d guess there’s also a contingent who do not like when I write about non-business, non-tech, non-male subjects. To these readers, I say in advance: “You can never support a mom, much less a mommy blogger, too much, so deal with it.”

I’ve found some really nice mommy sites that are very interesting and with lots of informative articles. So, in your next blog hopping, just pick one or two from his list and read on!


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