Sometimes it’s really hard

There are times when it’s really difficult to be a working mom. For me, it’s when my little girl calls me in the office crying over something I couldn’t do anything about just because I’m not by her side.Just like yesterday, she called me up and she was really crying hard, I couldn’t even understand what she was trying to tell me. In between her sobs, I was able to get some bits and pieces of what she was trying to tell me, and it was about her school bag — her well-loved school bag. She said the handle was broken but she found the screw and she was asking me if it can still be repaired. She was also asking me if I still have the receipt with me so that we can return it to the store for repair. She was also very disappointed because she still remembered what the store clerk told her about the bag, that it was really made of very good quality material and yet, she has only used for one month and now the handle is broken. Too bad, the store has made a wrong impression on a little girl’s mind.

She just stopped crying when I told her that I’ll have her Dad call her, and I also assured her that her Dad will take care of it when we come home.

Oh well, if only we can always be with our kids…


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