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Sometimes it’s really hard

There are times when it’s really difficult to be a working mom. For me, it’s when my little girl calls me in the office crying over something I couldn’t do anything about just because I’m not by her side.Just like yesterday, she called me up and she was really crying hard, I couldn’t even understand […]

The Ultimate Mommy Blog List

I was doing my usual rounds of different blogs when I came across the article by Guy Kawasaki, The Ultimate Mommy Blog List, in his website. Boy, am I glad I came across his list! He even provided brief descriptions for each site which is really helpful if you just want to scan the list […]

We Have a New Pet

It couldn’t fly because of broken wings, so, my father was able to get it while it was on top of our gate.

My kids were so happy since it’s a new addition to our birds — we already have 4 African Lovebirds. Now, we have another mouth to feed…


Duty – YouTube video

Whenever my youngest daughter asks permission to use our computer, she always visits, and most of the time, she watches Hillsong-Eagle’s Wings. She always opens it as her background music even when she’s playing online in her favorite website,

Last Saturday, as she was again listening to her favorite music, she came […]

The importance of involving the kids

In our household, we regularly hold family meetings and we include in the agenda the financial status of our family.

I prepared a spreadsheet of our budget, with all the details of our payables (debt/loans), daily/weekly/monthly expenses and posted it on the wall in our bedroom. I then showed it to […]