If only…

If Only…. an apt title for my blog entry today.

If only we can always protect our kids from life’s disappointments
If only we can make life perfect for them
If only we can cushion the impact of life’s frustrations
If only we can make life easy for them
If only we can make their young minds understand that frustrations are part of life

If only we can make their tears stop just by talking to them in our soothing voice
If only we can be with them whenever things are not going right, never leaving their side

But then… we can only do so much…

But we can never go wrong…

in praying for them
in reassuring them
in believing in them
in uplifting them
in loving them unconditionally

These words came straight from my heart…

Faye made it to the Championship round of her school’s Battle of the Brains for Spelling. She was really excited and hopeful. She prayed a lot and even made a wish to her Tooth Fairy (she lost her front tooth the night before the contest). The problem with a Spelling contest is, you cannot review your child because you wouldn’t know which words will be used in the contest, an advantage would be if your child is a wide-reader.

And then, the day of the competition came. It was tough! The words that were given were difficult (even in the Easy round!). For example, where can 7 year olds encounter the words melee, toupee, trounce? She didn’t win. When she went down from the stage, she went straight to me, I hugged her, and I felt that she was going to cry, she was just trying to control it. And when I tried to soothe her, her eyes welled up with tears. Her teacher also talked to her and reassured her that everything will be alright. After a few minutes, she went back to her classmates, but she was still sad. My heart was torn, I was very hesitant to leave her, but I knew that at that moment, the best thing that I could do was to pray for her.

If only I could always promise her that life will always turn out to be what she is hoping for… but I knew that God wouldn’t be pleased with that.

I have to slowly let her realize that in her young life, things will not always turn out to be alright…


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