A Reason to Rejoice

Last February 2-3, we had a wonderful opportunity to attend the Joy Weekend Conference in Cap John Hay in Baguio for the CFC-FFL, although even at the last minute we were so undecided whether we will attend or not because of the expenses that we know we will incur. I was also hesitant because my blood pressure has been unstable for the past two weeks and I was scared to go on a long travel. But, God’s calling prevailed. We knew that the learnings and the experience that we will have will far outweigh whatever financial considerations or worries that we were thinking of. And true enough, it was all worth it.

The talk given by Bro. Frank Padilla was tremendously uplifting: A Reason to Rejoice.

Bro. Frank said that these are enough reasons for us to rejoice:

(1) Our God is Joy. There was pain and persecution but God has prepared us because He has brought us to the Book of Lamentations. He did this because He loves us, He doesn’t want us to veer away from Him.

(2) We face a new beginning, and we face a great life with the Lord.

(3) In Lamentations, God had wanted to teach us a lot of things, but now He has brought us to the book of Zephaniah. This book has a ray of hope, it is about God’s love for us. This book is good news, which again is enough reason for us to rejoice.

(4) God is faithful even if we are unfaithful.

(5) Lamentation is a journey of hope and joy. We are returning to God.

(6) Our Lord Jesus Christ is purifying us, then He will anoint us. If we are restored to God’s original intent, He will empower us.

(7) We rejoice because God is beginning to rejoice in us, through this community.

Some thoughts to ponder on:

  • In order to endure all the trials that are coming our way, we should all turn back to God.
  • God’s grace is never exhausted. Our God is a faithful God.
  • Even in the midst of difficulties, we should all the more, cling to God.
  • Life is full of tears, it is only when we realize God’s love, that we will have a fulfilled life.
  • We cannot say that we love God, and yet we continue to sin.

We were also asked to write down our personal reflection for the messages that we received:

(1) Given the message of the theme of Zephania, what is it telling you personally?

It’s giving me hope that after so many trials that are coming my way, all I really need to do is to rely on God. God gives these trials to purify me because He wants to transform me.

(2) How does it affect your present personal situation?

There have been a lot of problems with me personally and within my family. But, I was assured of hope when I learned of the message from the book of Zephaniah. God needs to do all these things in order to purify me. He wants me to be strong. He wants me to just cling to Him during trials, never wavering in my faith in Him.

Having joined CFC-FFL has renewed my faith and being a part of a growing community offers absolute promise from our God who is forever faithful. We still have a long way to go in terms of being faithful to our covenant, but now we know that we are on the right direction, with God being with us all the way.

It wasn’t easy in the beginning because we were uprooted from our comfort zone, being with the people that we considered as second family since 2001. We still consider them as such, and we know in our hearts that they also feel the same way towards us.

It was a big decision on our part but we knew we made the right choice.

It wasn’t long before we slowly blended with our new group, and our prayer meetings have been truly inspiring and insightful.

We’ve gained not only new friends, but new brothers and sisters in Christ.


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