How do parents cope when they see their child in pain?

Accidents really happen when you least expect it…

We were scheduled to attend a meeting last night, and we brought Faye with us. On our way there, Faye slept in the van, so her dad had to carry her when we reached the venue. Unfortunately, her dad closed the sliding door while Faye was in his arms, so he didn’t see that her right hand was still inside the door. Her middle finger was hit causing the fingernail to be forcibly removed from the nail bed. At first, Faye wasn’t aware, she was wakened by the voice of her dad who was repeatedly saying sorry. She woke up wondering why her dad was saying sorry. It was only after a few seconds when she felt the pain that she cried.

We rushed her to the hospital which fortunately was just across the street. We didn’t know how to console her, so, we just embraced her and assured her that everything will be alright. At this point, i still couldn’t bear to look at her finger. Her hand was x-rayed to check for fractures, and thank God, the results were negative.

Then, the doctor explained that he had to remove the fingernail. He will put anesthesia directly on her hand which could be painful and uncomfortable. Through all this, she was with her dad, and she kept on telling him stories, or whatever she could think of, probably, to remove her focus on the pain.

Before the procedure was started, we prayed over her, we asked God to give her strength and to make her well.

When finally, she was asked to lie down on the bed, the doctor covered her with blanket to keep her from moving and her Tito Norman (our brother in the community) held her feet, her dad held her hands. I kept on talking to her, trying to divert her attention. When the doctor injected the anesthesia, he had to rotate the needle so that the medicine will surely cover her finger. We couldn’t bear to see her crying. She was inconsolable, even as I kept on telling her stories while the procedure was being done. Then, I suddenly remembered that I bought her two new shirts, so, i told her that i had a surprise for her, she suddenly became interested. I saw it as a chance to divert her attention away from the pain. I kept on telling her to just ignore the pain, but she also kept on saying, “Eh mommy, nararamdaman ko pa din.”

When finally, the fingernail was removed and her hand was bandaged, she again remembered my surprise for her. I told her, i will give it to her once we get back in the car.

It just breaks our hearts to see her like that, her dad kept on saying sorry, and all she said was, “OK lang yun, daddy”.

Now, after almost two weeks, her finger is healed, although we have to wait for at least 3 more months for the new nail to come out.

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