We Have New Pets!

We have new pets, African Lovebirds!

After much deliberation with Jejeizahfaye, we named them Tweety and Sylvester at first, but we changed our mind, they’re now TUTTIE and FRUITTIE. We got it from the dolphins which are having a show in the Mall of Asia. They’re still very young, so young, that we had to feed them using a syringe (without the needle, of course!). What’s their food? No less than, Cerelac (Wheat, Banana & Milk)! It’s like we have new babies in the house!

The kids are so happy to have them! They are all very excited to feed the birds! I had to control them, otherwise, they will overfeed the poor things!

Look, aren’t they cute? They even know how to pose in front of the camera!

Faye just loves them very much! She wants to put them in her hands all the time!

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