Battle of the Brains – 2nd Quarter

My daughter is again included in her school’s Battle of the Brains for the second quarter. This time she will compete for 3 categories, Math, Christian Living and Spelling.

I think i already got used to it because i wasn’t as nervous as the 1st quarter. Oh well, still nervous, but on a lower level (?). Faye, as always, was COOL.

Spelling was first. She reached the Difficult round, but she didn’t reach the Clincher round. She was so sad when she returned to her seat, and she told me, she mistakenly heard HEALTHY as HELPING. That was her only mistake. Of course, i reassured her that everything is fine, that it’s alright, that she did her best. Although she said, “Mommy, i wanted to win!” I told her, Next time, we’ll try harder.

The next one was Christian Living. Here, she reached until the Clincher round, and she was one of the four who will compete again in the Rematch scheduled next week.

The last one was Mathematics. Here, she was able to reach the Average round. What happened was she didn’t use her answer sheet to do some computations/solving, so, she got confused. But, she was able to recite the answer to one item: the sum of 425 and 357. It was very easy for her, thanks to Kumon!

It was such an experience and exposure at the same time for her, and i’m so happy that her self-confidence is being enhanced because of these.

Now, off to the reviews for the Christian Living Rematch!

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