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Time for a long-overdue massage

The last time we had a massage was when we went to Davao last August.  Yes, that was 3 months ago!   Though we rarely do this on a regular basis, like we are supposed to do, aching muscles, shoulder pain, and back pain, tell us that this is a long overdue treat.  No, we didn’t go to Boracay just to have this much-needed massage.  The spa was just a few minutes drive from our place, and it offers special packages for members.  After about one hour and a half, we went home feeling relaxed and de-stressed.  I really think we should do this more often.

The Warm Bodies Movie Will Warm Your Heart

When you’re on “house arrest” a.k.a. sick leave, how would you spend your days?  Aside from sitting in front of the computer, surfing the Net, or reading ebooks on your cellphone,  I’m sure watching DVDs would also be on top of your list.  You’ve guessed it right! These are exactly the things that I’m doing right now.

I’m sure some of you have heard or watched the movie Warm Bodies.  It was introduced to me by my kids (who else?), they’ve watched it already 2 weeks ago, and they’ve been telling me that it was a nice movie and they’ve given me a little bit of summary so I already knew its plot even before I watched it.  Yesterday, I watched it with Izah (who has no class because of the “Manila Day Holiday”).   The lead characters of the movie are Nicholas Hoult, as R and Teresa Palmer, as Julie.

It’s not your typical scary, gory, zombie movies.  Well, it has some gory scenes, but you will look past them once you get the message of the movie.  R (just R because he couldn’t remember his human name anymore), is a very unusual zombie.  He longs for interaction, for connection with his fellow zombies.  But then, he realizes also that since they’re technically dead, there couldn’t be any interaction possible.  He lives in an abandoned airport, inside a dilapidated airplane.  One day, when they were looking for some food, that is, some humans, they encountered some young volunteers who were tasked to look for medicine supplies.  After killing and eating some of the humans, he saved one of them, named Julie and brought her back to his home/airplane.   Of course, the movie has some unrealistic scenes like when they eat the brains of a human, they get to see the memories of that person, which is what happened when R killed and ate the brains of Julie’s boyfriend.  But again, you just need to look beyond that and just enjoy the movie.

As R and Julie spent time together, R slowly felt the change in him.  He was slowly returning into becoming a human again.  His interaction with a human being slowly made his heart beat again, slowly warmed his body, slowly changed his posture (which was his complaint before as zombie). He also started speaking more clearly, without stutter.  The other zombie, M, who was R’s bestfriend, also noticed and felt the difference, and eventually, all the other zombies as well. Julie told his Dad, who was the leader of the human survivors in a nearby village that the zombies/corpses were slowly returning into humans, but he didn’t believe his daughter at first.  It was only when R was shot and was bleeding that he believed that R was alive.   The zombies were then rescued and they slowly assimilate into human society, where they were showered with love, since R and Julie have proven that love is the cure to the zombie virus that almost killed the entire humanity.  The last scene showed R as a fully transformed, fully alive human, and Julie, watching the destruction of the wall surrounding the city which marked the end of the apocalypse.

Our Bohol Experience


We went to Bohol last June 5 to 8.  It was a trip which we almost didn’t push through due to financial constraints.  That’s the problem with buying promo tickets which you wouldn’t get to use until one year after you bought them.  Something will come up which will cause you to have second thoughts in going through with it.  In our case, it was scheduled just 3 weeks after our Hong Kong trip.  The purchase of our Hong Kong tickets happened after I bought our Bohol tickets, but if I had bought the Hong Kong tickets first, there was no way I was going to consider buying the Bohol tickets.  The promo for the Hong Kong tickets was just too irresistible.

Anyway, after a thorough discussion, we decided to just go for it but we made sure that we didn’t spend much money.  I looked for resorts with very affordable rates and we also brought with us canned goods, bread, and biscuits, to minimize our expenses on food.  When we arrived at the airport, we inquired at the Department of Tourism desk on the transportation going to our hotel.  We were lucky because the van that we got was very accommodating and even gave us tips on the more affordable resorts that we can consider.  When he brought us to the hotel which I reserved, we were disappointed because it was so far from the beach, so he suggested a beach front resort where we eventually got a room.

The only tour package that we knew we shouldn’t miss was the Countryside Tour.   It included a visit to the Blood Compact site, Chocolate Hills, Tarsier, Prony the Biggest Python in Captivity, the Loboc Floating Restaurant, Baclayon church, and some souvenir shops.  The tour lasted the whole day, with on and off rains, but we really enjoyed it.

We had a relaxing three and a half days vacation.  We just strolled the beach, stayed in the room, took a motorcycle going to Alona beach on the other side of the town.  I felt recharged when we went back to Manila.

Earvin's Graduation from College

I am making good with my promise to post the past events in my family, because more than anything else, I want to put on record the milestones in my kids’ lives, and blogging about them is one way of doing that.   I’m starting off with my son’s graduation from College last 3 April 2013.  Here’s a screenshot of my FB post on that day:


This post sums up what we (his Dad and I) felt on that day.  It was a mixed feeling of excitement, happiness, and anticipation for what lies ahead for him.  I know that he is focused in his dream of becoming a doctor someday and his Dad and I are here to support that dream.

His graduation was held at the PICC.  The schedule was strictly followed and we appreciated the well laid out programme of the ceremony.  The guest of honor was Dr. Gaerlan Inciong, also an alumni of the school.  He gave an inspirational talk for the graduates and I think he caught their attention when he said that he wasn’t able to attend the graduation ceremony because he was prevented by the school authorities to do so.  He was a scholar but he did something which was against the school policies that was why he was barred from attending the graduation ceremony.  The parents were also moved with what he shared, with the way he turned his life around and eventually finishing medical school with flying colors.



To celebrate his graduation, we had dinner at Cabalen Restaurant in Mall of Asia with the rest of the family.

At the end of the day, we knew that he was happy, but we also knew that deep in his heart he still felt that his journey has just started.  He still has to pass his board exams and he still has to go to Medical School.  Still a long journey ahead of him, but his Dad and I know that for as long as he remains focused in what he wants to achieve in his life, everything will fall into place just the way he wants it.

Revisiting my Blog

I haven’t posted any updates in my blog for almost two months now.  My last post was made in the hope that I can regain my momentum in writing, but unfortunately, it did not.  I was still too overwhelmed with all the family updates that I needed and wanted to post that I couldn’t get around to finally start doing it.  For 2013, I have a grand total of 6 posts!  So, what has been the problem?  I think it all started when our Internet connection at home went really and awfully slow.  We had to change into different services being offered by our current provider hoping to finally find the one that will work fast in our area.  Until now we’re still struggling but I guess we have to change our home address in order to find the best Internet provider.

Lately, I’ve been reading about the importance of journalling — I’m actually aware of its importance for years but it finally got me thinking that blogging is one way of putting on record the events in my family.  It dawned on me that I shouldn’t stop blogging about the important or even the not-so-important events in my kids’ lives or about my family because my kids will appreciate those stories later on, and will be appreciated even more by their own kids.  My youngest daughter has gotten used to my blogging that whenever we have family vacation or family events, she would ask me, “Mommy, have you blogged about our Davao trip already?”  and then when I say that I haven’t, she would be disappointed.  So now, I promised to myself that I will start writing again.  I have a long list of family events that I felt I need to put on record:

  • Davao Trip with Izah in December 2011
  • Davao Trip with Faye in March 2012
  • Izah’s 18th Birthday in December 2012
  • Family Davao Trip in December 2012
  • Christmas and New Year Family celebrations
  • Earvin’s College Graduation in March 2013
  • Family Hong Kong Trip in May 2013
  • Family Bohol Trip in June 2013
So there, I’m sure there are still other events that I haven’t posted yet, which I’ll only be able to identify when I check on my photo albums.  It’s time to get busy!